Friday, August 26, 2011

My Sewing Space

I've posted pictures of my sewing space before, but we've recently been moving things around. I thought I'd give you an updated tour.

The white cart holds my precuts, some felt and batting, and the bottom drawer is full of works in progress. I've started keeping each project in Ziplock bag...all of the pieces and instructions for that project. Next to the cart are two plastic boxes of scraps. There is also that great pink train case that I'm still thinking about. (Note the Dali print. I HATE IT. My husband had it before we got married and insists that it be hanging. It freaks me out, so it can't hang in the living room or our bedroom, so now it's right beside me while I am sewing. We have to keep it because it's become symbolic of my husband's claim in our house. Ridiculous.)

My sewing table. How about that calendar still on July? I need to make a small quilt to hang there or something. It's a weird space because I wanted to hang that shelf high enough that I didn't hit it when I'm moving around a giant quilt. (I was getting ready to iron school clothes when I took this picture. Don't think I've done it more than once!)

My stash. I've stopped buying fabric until I get some of this used up. Also see that beautiful quilt folded up there on top? Look for it again next week....FINISHED!

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Christy Ross said...

slightly jealous. I'm still working out of cardboard boxes and tv trays in our bedroom. We've got plans to move me downstairs in the next month or so, but I'll still be working out of cardboard boxes and tv trays until something insanely cheap presents itself.

I love looking at your fabric. It makes me happy.

Marie said...

I'm very jealous as well! I feel like if I didn't have to pull the sewing machine, all my fabric and supplies out every time I wanted to sew something I might do it more often. I've actually started a nice little stash of fabric so it's getting to the point that I need to be organized...Seeing your space makes me more motivated to make a space in this tiny apartment for me:)Maybe if I do it it will be blog worthy!