Monday, February 28, 2011

Sew Fresh Fabric Scrap Bee

If you remember, I was picked to participate in the Sew Fresh Fabric Scrap Bee last month. I received these fabrics:

I was supposed to make a 12.5 by 12.5 unfinished block to be added to a quilt for a little boy. I had a really hard time with this because the magenta fabric and the polka dot fabric were pretty large pieces. I ended up with this:

I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I added the orange from my scraps. I think this block will work very well with the other ones that have been made. You can check them out here.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 02/16/2011

As I said sickness overtook my house this past week. Not much of anything got accomplished anywhere! I'm feeling better and so is the family. With the long weekend coming up, hopefully I'll get to work on several projects.

Ongoing Projects:

Birdie Stitches~I now have the January and February blocks done. I have all of the pieces cut for the rest of the blocks for the year. I need to sew them together before they get lost. I'm actually thinking of starting another one as a Christmas gift. It really only uses 20 2.5 X 30 strips for the border. I have tons of scraps I could use.

Fairy Quilt~Hancock's finally got in the pink fabric again! I have all of these blocks done. They are rather large, but my daughter wants a big blanket. I'm not sure how I want to put them all together yet, but I really like how it's coming. Hopefully I'll get the top finished this weekend.

Punctuation ZigZag~ I finished all of the row with the charm pack I had. I decided I like this so much that I want to make it bigger! I got another charm pack and am thinking about how to add to it to make it larger. I like the horizontal stripes, but it would be easier to make them vertical to enlarge the quilt. I'm still trying to decided.

Sew Fresh Fabric Scrap Bee~ I have a block started for this. It IS going to be finished this weekend. I have to mail it off before the end of the month. I really like how it is turning out so far.

Hexi Quilt~I actually worked on this quite a bit while I was sick. It's such a transportable project. I have a cute little bag I got at my local quilt shop that is just perfect for dropping in my purse if I have time in the car or to just pick up and work while I'm watching TV. I do my hexagons a little bit differently than I see on most sites. Maybe that's another post.

I-Spy~No progress. I don't have a lot of motivation for this project. I've kinda lost interest in it.

Totals for the week:
WIPs: 6
Finished: 1 (Birdie block)
New Projects: 0, but I have several in mind!
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dragging out

My family has been overtaken by a terrible sickness. I'm pretty sure that the 5 year old is just a big germ sponge. She brings home every germ from the kindergarten. I've been sick, then the baby, now her. There has been very little productivity at my house, but hopefully we're on the up swing now!

Friday, February 04, 2011

My Creative Space

Until this past summer, I had crafted and sewn wherever I could...on living room floor, the coffee table, the kitchen table. I can even operate a sewing machine with my knee sitting on the floor! This all makes for a very sore back. The worst part was having to pick up whatever I was working on and return it to the closet so my kids/cat/dog/husband didn't mess with it. This led to rushing to finish projects instead of taking the time needed to finish them well. When I started sewing things more regularly, I decided I needed a space of my own for my projects. We had a room that was a little bit of, closet, gym, playroom. I decided with a little purging and organizing, there was plenty of room for me as well!

The room now holds our computer desk, 2 bookshelves, a gazelle exercise thing, a shelf for my daughter's movie TV, and my sewing stuff. I tried to spend very little to make a nice space. I found a desk at a consignment sale for $35. I refinished it and painted it this turquoise color. I really like the way it turned out. I got a chair on clearance at Target for $3.50. It's a little short for the desk, but a cushion for it
is on my project list! I also bought a storage drawer for about $12. I already had the shelves leftover from redoing my laundry room a couple of years ago. I did splurge a little for the thread holder, but it is nice to have it all together and out of the way. I spray painted it and the desk handles at the same time.

The shelf holds a bucket of ribbon, a roll of pink and green fat quarters waiting for a project, embroidery floss, and several sewing books. The projects hanging on the wall are from a swap I did with Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy. I have a calendar that I need to hang up in that space too!

The little space under the desktop is nice. My small rulers and things I have printed are stored there. In the red basket are scraps I need to put up and things I'm going to work on. There is also a Hancock's of Paducah catalog. I would really like to go there.

The silver basket have pieces I've already cut for projects. The drawers are full of fabric that I've picked up because I like them. You can see a pink Publix bag that had a binder full of printed tutorials and a bag of batting on top of it!

This shelf has plastic containers of other fabric and my sewing box. It also holds my husband and daughter's movies and our princess TV! On top are two boxes of scraps. I didn't take a picture, but hanging on the door is my large cutting mat. Hanging behind the door is my Fons and Porter design wall. I got it for $14 at Jo-Ann's. I love it. I have it fixed so I can have it spread out (which covers a picture that we have on the wall) or I can fold it in half and it's completely hidden by the door.

My little area takes up about 1/3 of the room. Having a little space makes me so much more productive. I can leave a project exactly where I'm working on it or just spend a few spare minutes sewing. It's so nice. My daughter likes it when I sit in there while she watches a movies or plays. It has also made her much more interested in what I'm doing. The baby likes so bang the draw handles. Fun for the whole family!
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

WIP Wednesday 02/02/2011

Life has been quite busy lately. I have been slowly working on several projects, but I've been sick and so have the babies!
When I got my new machine, I was so excited to try out some of the features. I started with a button hole on the lady bag that I started last month. In my excitement I put the button hole in the wrong part. I can't think of anything else to do with it now, so it may just become some more of my stuff my daughter plays with!

I started working on the fairy quilt again, but I'm short about 1/8 of a yard of pink material. I've been checking Hancock's almost everyday for them to get some more in. I can make do if they don't get it, but I would rather not.

I finished another Kindle cover. I think I finally have the pattern that works how I like it. I can't decide if I want to do a tutorial to share or a pattern to sell or just make them for an Etsy shop to sell. What do you think?

These are my new projects. A Punctuation zigzag quilt:

I love, love, love this. I may get another charm pack to make it big enough for a bed. I can't decide!

I also got my scraps for the Sew Fresh Fabrics Scrap Bee. I'm supposed to make a block for a little boy. I was a little stumped about what to so because the 3 largest pieces are the owls, the magenta, and the pink polka dots! I think I have an idea now...

I also worked on my hexis a little. An ongoing and ongoing and ongoing project!
I also have to do the February Birdie stitches block.
There has been no work on the I-spy quilt.

Finished Projects: 5
WIPs: 7

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