Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednedsay

I seem to have lost my sewing mojo. I don't know what has happened. I decided I was going to sew last night. I didn't have anything planned when I got home, and I was going to feed the kids dinner and put the little one to bed and then sew away. My husband had dinner going and I was cleaning out the 3 folders of school stuff that come home EVERY day. The power flickered. A minute later it flickered again. Then it was out. Thankfully dinner was just about finished. We tried to go have a picnic dinner, but the mosquitos tried to carry off the baby. Who can blame them...he has the juiciest legs! We ended up eating in the semi-dark kitchen.

While we were eating, we decided that we would go to CVS. I had to get a couple of things and who wants to chase kids in the dark? We went to CVS and got what we needed (and maybe some candy), and drove back to our neighborhood to see if the lights were on. Nope. The whole neighborhood was dark. We took that as a sign that we should go get some ice cream! Dairy Queen here we come. My daughter didn't know where we were going and kept asking what we were doing. After a family treat of lemonade, an Oreo blizzard, and a strawberry sundae, we decided that the little one needed to go to bed.

After we put the baby to bed, my daughter and I got the candles all lit, and I talked her into reading a few chapters of the Little House on the Prairie book we've been reading. I made it seem really great that we didn't have power, just like Laura didn't. Genius mother, I am. Just as we were finishing up, the power came back on. Hurray! Determined to keep my goal of sewing something, I decided to make some of the Skill Builder Sampler blocks I'm behind on.

I've done string blocks before and I love them. I am thinking of adding a whole quilt of them to my to do list...

My house improv block. Kinda blah.

I also tried the paper piecing block and messed it all up. FAIL! I'll try again. I have plans for sewing again tonight. I think if the power is off for 3 hours again, I may just give up!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Finished Quilt Top

I have a finished top for the Clover and Violet Stitch and Quilt Along.

I added a small white border just like the block have and then a 3 inch border. It's another It's a Hoot fabric. The only think I don't like is that now I have no idea what to bind it with.

I'd like to not buy anything else. I have lots of this blue and this green left. I also have a lot of the yellow circles. I also think I have enough scraps to make a scrappy binding, but I'm afraid that would be too much. What are your suggestions?

I didn't ever post a picture of the last block, but here it is. You can't see the work really well, but I love the way the flowers look up close.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

100 Quilts for Kids

I decided to donate it to Project Linus.  You should check out the FB page.  The stories of kids who receive their blankets are awesome. 
If you have any handmade blankets waiting for a home, I would encourage you to donate them TODAY.  100 quilts for kids is sweetening the deal with some great prizes!  It's a win-win situation.

Getting close!

The top is together. I'm probably going to add a thin white border like the blocks have and another border before I call it finished. I went to my local quilt shop today and picked up another It's a Hoot fabric that I think will be a great border. I know I want to use the scraps for the back; I'm just not sure how. This is my weekend project!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday 10/12/2011

I spent the weekend had sewing more hexagons. I had made a whole almost 3 layered flower when I noticed that I used the wrong fabric for the VERY CENTER! FAIL! I was so mad! I did keep working while watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. I told my husband I wasn't going to watch it with him, but now we've finished the whole first season. It's good. I recommend it! I managed to finish a whole 3 layer flower and enough hexis to make another one. I forgot how much I enjoy making them. Maybe in about 2 years, I'll have enough for the whole top I started!

I finished this block for the Skill Builder Sampler. I've mostly lost interest in the quilt, but I'm going to keep at it. I have one pretty bad point in this block, but it's ok. I really don't like all the thick seams. I still have to do the house block and the string block. I love string blocks and have in my head the idea of a rainbow string quilt.

I got a little work done on the baby quilts last night. I have an idea so I was motivated!

This past weekend was another Second Saturday Sewing day. I worked on this purse until I ran out of thread! UGH! Don't you hate when that happens. This is the Blossom Bag. It's a pretty intense pattern, but I'm getting it!

Be sure to check out the great projects other people are working on at Freshly Pieced!
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Monday, October 03, 2011

Weekend work

Only one more block left for the Clover and Violet Stitch and Quilt Along! I'm excited to see this project finish up. I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with the finished quilt, but someone will love it if I don't!

I don't love the roof color, but I didn't want it to be all brown and that's the only realistic color I had in the colors I've used.

I LOVE the vines (or ivy ;-))

I also like this yellow flower. You can't see the colors well because I haven't rinsed off the marker lines yet.

Don't worry; I'll get them off. I will also get the little boy fingerprints off the lens of my camera before I try to take more pictures!!
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