Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I've been working on

After not sewing much for a month or so, I've been very motivated lately!  I made a huge bag to take to the beach... like my kids can sit down inside of it big.  I had big plans to take pictures of it while we were on the beach, but that was obviously a ridiculous plan.  Have you even been to the beach with 2 kids?   I will try to get some pictures of it soon. 

I made the one on the left.  I have a friend who has twins and she bought the one on the right at a consignment sale and wanted a match.  The fabric is exactly the same even though it doesn't look like it.  I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I'd like to see how it looks on a kid!  I think if I tweek my pattern a little, I'll love making these.

This is my new project.  It's going to be a twin sized quilt.  I'm testing a pattern (woohoo!) for a blogger.  It has close to 400 pieces, and I miscalculated how much fabric I had in this bundle I've been hoarding forever.  Now I have to find some more of it or find something to coordinate with it.  You'll see more about this project in the weeks to come.  I even have a deadline, so hopefully I'll get it finished by mid August!
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