Thursday, May 19, 2011

Second Saturday Sewing: Blogging FAIL

I had such good intentions about taking great pictures of the latest Second Saturday Sewing. I was so excited about sharing our hard work with the blog world, but alas, I failed. I took ONE picture the whole day. I made pincushions for the treat basket. (Last month it held bags with a fat quarter, some embroidery floss, some basting pins, and some other little sewing notions.) I really liked my pincushions and made sure to take a good picture of them:

That was the end of my photography. Luckily my daughter took a few for your viewing pleasure:
My fabric and sewing supplies ready to get started.

Who doesn't look fabulous when a 5 year old takes a sneak picture of them while they are in the middle of a project?!?

Concentrating again.

Christy is so excited to be here!

We really did have a good time again. We didn't make a whole lot of sewing progress. We needed another ironing board for this particular project. We also spent almost an hour trying to get a sewing machine fixed (another fail!). We all got about half of a bag done. Next month we are meeting a weekend earlier, I think. We all have a project to work on now. I think CAR is going to blog about it Thursday. Be sure to go visit her too!

I am really happy that we are going this. It's so nice to know that I'm going to have the chance to get together with some of my best friends every month. It's also nice to have several friends interesting in sewing now; common interests are always good. It's also been a very satisfying experience to share what I know and to be able to get feedback and tips from my friends who have learned things on their own. (Number your pieces with a washable marker and you don't have to spend nearly as much time trying to remember which piece goes where. Thanks, CAR!) Heather said something like, "Even though I haven't really made anything yet, I feel like I've learned alot." That is my hope for all of us, that we learn new things. Thanks for coming again, friends. See you next time.

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Heather said...

I think we pretty much have a good time no matter what we do. I especially liked that I had no child with me. Thanks for reminding me that I have to get my sewing machine fixed. I can't wait to finish my bag! I hope we'll get to see your finished dress next time.