Sunday, May 29, 2011

Library Bag

Summertime is here! At our house, this means Daddy is home everyday with the kids while Mommy is at work. I try to encourage activities other than TV watching and playing on the computer. The family has decided that this summer, every Tuesday is library day. They went every once in a while last summer, but my daughter can really read this summer, so we want it to be a more regular activity. To get her excited about it, she definitely needed a library bag!

Of course it's princesses. What else could it be?

She picked this shiny, silky hot pink fabric for the inside. This came from a scrap grab bag I got at the fabric store for $1.

I didn't use a pattern and pretty much made it up as I went. The bag is pretty large (since lots of kid's books are oversized). I used a decorative stitch on the handles, because she loves to "pick a stitch" on my machine. I think she was pretty happy with how it turned out!

"Now can I take a silly one?"

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Brenda said...

Your daughter is one cute and lucky little girl. I remember watching my Mom create items when I was little. Those are some of my best memories, and we were always taking trips to the library! That is one snazzy library bag. She will be the envy of many little girls! :)

littlebitty said...

I received the Butterfly Bag today. It is even prettier in real life! Thank you.