Thursday, May 12, 2011

Preparing for Second Saturday Sewing

If you are interested in following us from the beginning, check out this post!

We are doing our second Second Saturday Sewing this weekend. I'm very excited. I love hanging out with these wonderful women and I like to sew, so it's the best of both worlds! Last time we worked on baby quilts. I haven't finished mine, but I plan on working on it a little bit before Saturday. A couple of us are going to work on getting them finished, but we're going to also start the next project! This is the fabric I chose:

We are going to make this purse. I've made it twice before and am pretty excited to make it again. It's a very satisfying project! Please check back next week to see how they turn out!

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Christy Ross said...

hurray. And I like the apple print!