Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kiwicrate Review

One of my favorite bloggers recently posted about Kiwicrate.  It's a company that send you a box of themed crafts for your child each month.  I was intrigued and thought I'd give it a try.  We recently dug into our first box.  It was about wind power.  The 2 projects for the month were a wind-powered cars and a wind sock.

For the car there were enough parts to make 2 cars and to decorate 4 different sails.  When we opened the box there was a pair of scissors and a nice little note.  There was a very good instruction booklet and ideas for exploring wind more.  Everything is packed very nicely and of good quality.  For the car there were wooden wheels, heavy foam for the body, thick paper for the sails, colored sticks for the mast, and tons of stickers for decorating.  There were even extra sheets for making your own stickers, which is what my daughter is doing here!  The decorating was definitely her favorite part.  The box also included play dough for keeping the wheels on and precut tape strips.

My son is still too little, but he had fun helping us.

Our finished cars

He wanted to be sure you saw the striped sail!  We used our wind to race them across the kitchen floor. 

The second project was a wind sock.  It was my daughter's favorite project of the two.  It came with nice oil pastels for decorating and lots of ribbon.  She didn't want more than one ribbon of each color, but there was about a yard of 4 different colors. 

The Kiwicrate came with an observation chart.  It has a guide for rating the wind and a place to draw what your wind sock looks like for 7 days.  We've been faithfully going outside to check, but we certainly can't leave her beautiful creation outside!

I wasn't sure if these boxes were going to be worth $20, but she loved it.  Besides enough supplies to do the craft, there is lots of stuff left over for other projects.  It all comes in a nice box addressed to your child.  The instructions are clear and come with great illustrations.  Everything was of good quality.  I think my daughter may be a little big for them (3-7 is the age range), but she still enjoyed it.  We've already gotten our second box about gardens and she's pumped.  If you think your child might like it, use this link, and you can get your first box for $10.  (I also get $10 off of mine!)  It's definitely worth checking out.
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Kiwi Jen said...

HI Jennifer -- Thank you for this lovely review! We are so pleased to hear that your kiddos enjoyed their crate! Wow, that is such a great shot of your daughter and the windsock dancing in the wind. :)

A. Smith said...

This is so cool! I am sending the info along to my sister to check out with your referral link.

PS..Your kids are too cute!