Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New sewing space!

So I finally took some pictures of the new "office."  This is my sewing room part.  It's about half sewing space and half everything else.  Besides what's in the pictures, there is another desk for the computer, my closet, and a shelf with the TV and Wii  on it.  This room was lavendar before I started this whole switch around!  I'm very happy with the new light grey color; it makes the room brighter.  I don't have curtains yet, but I'm on the lookout for some fabric I like.

The big cabinet is new.  It replaced my wire cubes and a set of plastic drawers.  All of my fabric is in it, and the projects I'm working on are in the drawer at the bottom.  We also got 2 new bookcases to replace the ones that we've had since we got married.  (In fact, we had a blow-up fight when putting on of them together the night before we got married, but that's a story for another time!) 

My new desk.  I got this desk for $15 from a yardsale FB group.  It sat in our carport just long enough to push my husband to the limit (2 months, I think), before I brought it in to refinish.  I wish now that I had done it in black, but it's too late.  This desk is super wide and had a long drawer in the middle and 2 drawers on the side.  It also has one of those pull out pieces that accountants use.  That's the part that sold me.  I figure I can put my instructions/pattern/tutorial on that part.  I also decided that I wanted it situated in the room this way.  It gives me more room to work with large projects, and I also have the other side for my cutting mat.  This is a big improvement over my previous cutting table, the floor.  I got the chair for $8 at Goodwill and spray painted it .   (The box on the floor is stuff to pass along to my friends who might use it!)
Our family Christmas picture also works really well in here.  I hadn't intented to hang it in here, but it looks much better than in the living room.  I like it because my sweet boy gets excited everytime he notices it and tells me who is in the picture.  Precious.

It's still a work in progress, but so is everything else in my life.  I have alot more room to work, and there's alot more room to have other people in here with me.  I like it that my daughter can watch a movie while I sew noisly in the background.  She does not.   Don't let the pictures fool you though, there are still 3 small piles of stuff that have yet to find homes in the new space.  I'll get to them one day....
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Christy Ross said...

like, like, like. I think the desk looks good in grey.