Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pinterest Copy Success!

My crafty friend, CAR, recently posted this blog.  Her shoes and the pin they came from inspired me to make some cute shoes of my own!

These are $5 Faded Glory canvas shoes.  $2 worth of dye and some scrap elastic resulted in these.  I love them.  They are comfy and just slip right on.

Perfect for sitting outside, enjoying the day...

Or for slipping on to check out how the garden grows.

I also made a small pair for my daughter, but she says they "itch" her foot.  I don't know what that means, but she won't wear them even though I went with yellow because that's her new favorite color!  One packet of dye did both pairs of shoes, and we also did a onesie that I had on hand.  I love them.  The hardest part was not sticking my finger while I sewed on the elastic.  I've read Target has them with the elastic already in, so I'm on the lookout.  I think a turquoise pair would be perfect for summer!
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Christy Ross said...

They look GREAT - esp with the garden in the background!

Have you tried some no show socks with L's? My itch a little where the elastic touches my skin. Not a big deal for me to get used to but I can see how it would bother a child.