Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2011 in Review: Part 1

2011 went so fast for me. I think there is something about babies that makes everything go in fast forward! My little man was still a baby at the beginning of 2011, but he's a little boy now! My sweet girl went from a little kindergartner to a big first grader with no teeth and quickly growing legs!
It was just after Christmas last year that I really got a sewing space set up, and it has made a huge difference! Even though I share it with the Wii and the DVDs and my husband's shoes, it's so nice to have a space for spreading out and making stuff. I finished 5 quilts in 2011.

I think my favorite was the zigzag. It was my first with a pattern that wasn't just squares. I also really still love the fabric. Daughter's plus quilt was a close second. It's by far the biggest quilt I've made...almost a double.

These are a few of the gifty type things I made in 2011. I think my favorite is the little princess dolls for my daughter. I made one to look like her, and she says it's her favorite. (I also made a set as a birthday gift and they were very well received.)

My 2011 bags. I gave 2 of these away for Giveaway Days and gave 2 as gifts. Daughter uses hers as her supply bag for Girl Scouts. My favorite is the Christmas tote. It was supposed to be a gift bag, but ended up being a great bag for carrying Christmas gifts, candy for the parade, and stocking stuffers!

My favorite sewing thing for 2011 has to be Second Saturday Sewing. When I first started it, I wasn't sure it would become anything. Maybe I was the only one who cared about making stuff. Turns out, it's a lot of fun. It's great to see 5-ish of my favorite people once a month. It's been awesome to see them grow in confidence and skill. I mean, my friend, Marie, hadn't ever really sewn and she finished a baby quilt for her first project! She made Christmas gifts and even got a new sewing machine for Christmas! I know it's a pain to drive to my house once a month, but thank you, ladies, for doing it!

I have lots of projects that I've worked on throughout the year that haven't been finished...yet. They'll be added to my WIP list for the new year. Come back tomorrow for my Quilty goals update. While you're here, why not tell me what your favorite finish was for 2011?
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Christy Ross said...

I think my favorite thing I made in 2011 was that very first quilt for Ryland that I started on our first Second Sewing Saturday. looking at it now, it is PRETTY BAD in terms of my skill and ability, but it really gave me the confidence to try and keep going.