Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday 10/12/2011

I spent the weekend had sewing more hexagons. I had made a whole almost 3 layered flower when I noticed that I used the wrong fabric for the VERY CENTER! FAIL! I was so mad! I did keep working while watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. I told my husband I wasn't going to watch it with him, but now we've finished the whole first season. It's good. I recommend it! I managed to finish a whole 3 layer flower and enough hexis to make another one. I forgot how much I enjoy making them. Maybe in about 2 years, I'll have enough for the whole top I started!

I finished this block for the Skill Builder Sampler. I've mostly lost interest in the quilt, but I'm going to keep at it. I have one pretty bad point in this block, but it's ok. I really don't like all the thick seams. I still have to do the house block and the string block. I love string blocks and have in my head the idea of a rainbow string quilt.

I got a little work done on the baby quilts last night. I have an idea so I was motivated!

This past weekend was another Second Saturday Sewing day. I worked on this purse until I ran out of thread! UGH! Don't you hate when that happens. This is the Blossom Bag. It's a pretty intense pattern, but I'm getting it!

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Christy Ross said...

I did my string block on Sunday and you're right, it is pretty great/fun/easy. I did my center green as the dividing line and the top of the blocks dark colors and the bottom light colors. I think I could make those all day!

Plus, I'm excited to see your finished purse.