Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift Store skirt

I am constantly seeing all of these great thrift store finds in the blog world. I never seem to find anything, so I've committed to going more regularly. I've been going about once a week or so on my lunch break. Last week I got this great tablecloth for $7. It's huge. The lace goes all the way around it and it great.

I decided that it would make a great skirt (or 3), so I bought it and decided I'd try it out.

I took my waist size times 1.5 and cut the fabric that wide. I sewed up the two sided and trimmed the top to make it the length I wanted. That was the best part of the hem! Then I made a casing around the top and put in my elastic to check the fit. FAIL! It was terrible! It bunched and fell weird. I trimmed several inched off and tried again. Better, but not great. In the past I would have thrown it on the oh well pile and moved on to something else, but I really wanted to see this skirt through! I cut off a few more inches and tried again. MUCH better. I really like it. It's pretty comfy and I love the lace. I decided a yellow shirt would look nice and this is what I ended up with:

The yellow shirt isn't my favorite, but it works. I have enough material to make at least 2 more just like this and I'll still have about 4ish yard of the fabric with the lace. I'll be on the look out for projects to use it. Any suggestions?

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Christy Ross said...

I think the yellow shirt works really well with the lace! I like it a lot.

You did a great job on this.

Heather said...

I admit I'm quite surprised and impressed!

Mandy Mc said...

This is so cute. Love it!