Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Margaret's Hope Chest Quilting Bee

Carin over at Margaret's Hope Chest opened up a quilting bee a few months ago. If you haven't visited her site, you should. They give quilts to children whose parents are incarcerated. They started this charity after her grandmother, a quilter, was murdered. It's an amazing thing they do.

For the Wrapped in Hope project, custom quilts are usually made for a child by one quilter. For the bee, each quilter is making 2 blocks for the quilt. I volunteered and much to my suprise, Carin sent me directions for 3 different children! I got a little overwhelmed by all the decisions and learning new blocks that I didn't make much progress. I'm supposed to have the first blocks done by August so I thought I should get busy.

I was supposed to use this tutorial for a string block. I ended up LOVING making these blocks! They were fun to put together and I could use a ton of different fabric. My daughter had a great time helping me pick out fabric and got mad if I didn't let her tear the paper off the back! These blocks are for a little girl who is going to turn 13. The suggestions were pink, purple and cats.

These are my favorites. Harmony is going to be 12. She wanted blue, red, and green blocks.

I have 2 more blocks to make before I get these in the mail to Carin, but they are a different design. I'm pretty motivated to get them done, so hopefully I'll be posting pics of those next week!

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