Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday 01/12/2011

I'm working on several projects now. I'm trying to work up a good pattern for the Kindle covers I've been making. The one below didn't quite work out so I may make it into a bag of some sort.

I love these ladies. I think this would look cute with a button to close it.

Beginning of a quilt for my little girl. She loves fairies. This is a panel from Michael Miller. So far I've cut the small squares out and given them a border. I'm going to sash with the pink swirly material.

I sewed all of these I-spies together before I thought about it. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make this a baby sized quilt.

I'm still working on my orange and pink hexagons as well.

I am making a car cozy for a friend this week too. I haven't completely finished anything, but that's ok with me. I like having several projects to work on at a time. I hope to finish the fairy quilt next. I think it's going to be my daughter's Valentine's day gift.

For 2011:
Completed Projects: 2
Started Projects: 4

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Lee said...

I love the fabric you used for that Kindle cover! It's so Mad Men. Anything that makes me think of Mad Men is pretty awesome, in my book. : )

Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday! I love to see new people join in. Have a great week, see you next time!

Angie said...

Great idea with the Kindle covers! I look forward to seeing them.