Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Car Cozy

Last spring, I made a car cozy for my little friend, O. O's mommy asked me to make one like it for a birthday gift. I was happy to do it. The original one I made had a car wash and a gas station, train tracks (O loves trains), and a curvy road. This one is a little more simple.

A road to drive on and 5 garages!

The gas station on the end it the best part. You can't see it very good in the picture, but there is a shoe string attached that you can use to "pump" the gas.

It all folds up nicely and closes with this cute little car button. The cars are snug and secure to bring out to lunch or church or the doctor's office.

My original design was a combination of about 5 different car cozys I found online. This one is very similar to Jill's at Homemade by Jill.
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