Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday 04/27/2011

It's been very busy at our house and there's been little time for sewing. I have started the Jamie Dress. I've never really made myself clothes, but after seeing a sew along of this dress, I decided to try! I have all of the pieces cut and the bodice sewn together. It has a zipper, which I'm a little intimidated by, but so far so good!

Since we've been not at home, I've been knitting. It's so easy to throw a small project into my purse/diaper bag to work on in the car or while we're just sitting around somewhere. I made two of these little cloths after seen them somewhere on the internet. Sorry I can't remember where. I think they will be good for face washing. I don't love the way the colors ended up, but I do like how they feel.

I can only knit and purl. I don't know how to yarn over or anything other than straight rows. It's really limiting my projects! I think I'm going to just have to sit down and watch some online videos to learn something new. This is all purling.

My next new project is going to be a Plus Quilt. I'm had a pile of these 30's reproduction fabric that I ordered months ago that I think will end up being really cute. I have 30 fat quarter and this only takes 20, so I'll still have a small pile!

I still haven't put the binding on my zigzag quilt or done any more work on the charm quilt.

If you don't have anything you are working on, you should just hop over to Grosgrain. It's free pattern month. There's some really cute stuff!

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Amy said...

love the fabrics for the dress, I have NEVER sewn a zipper in clothing.kudos to you. also I do not know how to knit,only crochet.
The 30's reproductions will be lovely in a quilt.

Kerstin said...

That will be a fun dress! And don't worry about the zipper, it sounds much scarier than it actually is!

Christy Ross said...

So, I clicked on the link to see what a Plus Quilt was. beautiful. I can't wait to see what your's looks like with the reproduction fabric.

Lee said...

Can't wait to see the plus quilt, I love that pattern! Your knitting looks great, I'm sure you won't have any trouble mastering some of the other techniques. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

Marsha S said...

you are pretty much better than me with knitting....I just prefer to crochet!
I'm heading now to get back to work on my current quilt....or do I want to work on the rug instead tonight? Decisions, decisions....

Angela said...

If you can so that adorable purse, you can do a yarn over, k2t (knit two together) is self explanatory. My kids are 12 and 10 and play too many sports---knitting is the most portable pick up craft I've found.
Thanks for playing.