Friday, June 28, 2013

Second Saturday Sewing bag

I just finished testing another bag pattern from Sara at Sew Sweetness.  She is calling this bag the Camp Stitchalot bag, but it will definitely be a Second Saturday Sewing bag for me.  This bag is huge (Lily kept saying it was a purse for a giant!) and has tons of pockets. 

One side has 3 large pockets and a flap with 3 magnetic snaps to keep it closed.  They allow the bag to be secured tightly even when it's stuffed full!  The pockets are big enough for a cutting mat and all of your rulers.

There's a pocket on the other side.  I need someone to notice how well my stripes line up.  There are 3 separate pieces sewn together and I think they line up pretty well.

The inside has 4 huge zipper pouches and a pocket on each side.  The vinyl was a little tough to work with, but I made it work. 

This bag will be great for carrying around sewing supplies.  It would also be good for art supplies.  It would also be cute in a kiddie fabric for a trip bag for kids.  Toys/snacks in the zipper pouches, coloring books, magazines, books, etc. in the pockets.  Sara does a great job with pictures and instructions, so go check out her pattern shop!  (Her Aeroplane bag is on my list of stuff to make!)
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Heather said...

Fabulous! Especially the lined-up stripes!

Marie Pasco said...

Love it! Very impressive!

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