Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Work in Progress Wednesday 02/16/2011

As I said sickness overtook my house this past week. Not much of anything got accomplished anywhere! I'm feeling better and so is the family. With the long weekend coming up, hopefully I'll get to work on several projects.

Ongoing Projects:

Birdie Stitches~I now have the January and February blocks done. I have all of the pieces cut for the rest of the blocks for the year. I need to sew them together before they get lost. I'm actually thinking of starting another one as a Christmas gift. It really only uses 20 2.5 X 30 strips for the border. I have tons of scraps I could use.

Fairy Quilt~Hancock's finally got in the pink fabric again! I have all of these blocks done. They are rather large, but my daughter wants a big blanket. I'm not sure how I want to put them all together yet, but I really like how it's coming. Hopefully I'll get the top finished this weekend.

Punctuation ZigZag~ I finished all of the row with the charm pack I had. I decided I like this so much that I want to make it bigger! I got another charm pack and am thinking about how to add to it to make it larger. I like the horizontal stripes, but it would be easier to make them vertical to enlarge the quilt. I'm still trying to decided.

Sew Fresh Fabric Scrap Bee~ I have a block started for this. It IS going to be finished this weekend. I have to mail it off before the end of the month. I really like how it is turning out so far.

Hexi Quilt~I actually worked on this quite a bit while I was sick. It's such a transportable project. I have a cute little bag I got at my local quilt shop that is just perfect for dropping in my purse if I have time in the car or to just pick up and work while I'm watching TV. I do my hexagons a little bit differently than I see on most sites. Maybe that's another post.

I-Spy~No progress. I don't have a lot of motivation for this project. I've kinda lost interest in it.

Totals for the week:
WIPs: 6
Finished: 1 (Birdie block)
New Projects: 0, but I have several in mind!
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Debbie said...

Loving your Zig Zag quilt!

Bree said...

That birdie block is just adorable!

Elizabeth D. said...

I love your zigzags, so cute! And your Birdie block turned out great. Thanks for the reminder about that, I completely spaced on getting that done this month!

Kelly said...

The birdie embroidery is super cute, nice job! The value zizag quilt is wonderful too, I tried my first value quilt and I love how easy they go together and look like it was hard to do :) Nice to find you through WIP.

Jenniffier said...

What a cute bridie block and I adore the zigzags!

Heather said...

You just amaze me! I love the birdie embroidery; it reminds me of how you got started.

Lee said...

Still love that zig zag quilt, I don't blame you for wanting to make it larger. What's the solid blue you're using?

Glad everybody's feeling better! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a great (healthy!) week.